State-of-the-Art Health Care for your Children

State-of-the-Art Health Care for your ChildrenState-of-the-Art Health Care for your ChildrenState-of-the-Art Health Care for your Children

Full-service pediatric care in a small practice setting

Pillars of Care


Preventive and Well Child Care

Well visits are scheduled in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for health supervision.  

There are 7 visits in the first year of life, 3 visits in the second, and 1-2 annually thereafter.  We will see a lot of each other!  

Well visits include a growth assessment, developmental screening, vision and hearing screening as appropriate, 

immunizations, and a complete physical exam.



Acute Care

We offer diagnostics and treatment for many acute symptoms such as ear infections, strep throat, flu, colds, and other illnesses. Sick visits are scheduled separately in time from well visits, so kids can keep their germs to themselves.  Same day sick visits are always available.



Medical Home

Sapphire Pediatrics is a certified medical home.  

This is a buzzword now, but it has been an integral part of our practice since our inception.  We follow any specialty visits, hospital stays, and chronic conditions with dedicated staff and attention. 

We will ensure all the details are taken care of.  

This is our vision of state-of-the-art Pediatrics.


A Personal Approach

We know that your children are your most-prized possessions.  We take the time to know you and your children, and enjoy seeing both children and parents grow as individuals.  We look forward to being a part of your children's healthy growth and development.

Sapphire Pediatrics lobby

Child and Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Sapphire is a supportive environment.  From engaging toys in the waiting room and exam rooms, to prizes upon exit, we do our best to keep your little ones fearless and wanting to return.  Longer routine appointments allow grown-ups plenty of time to ask questions and leave feeling confident about their 

parenting skills.

The Sapphire Difference

From Left to Right- Dr. Dahab, Amy Campbell, Dr. Larabee, Dr. Humphreys, Dr. Lacey, Courtney Alberts

 A treasure in central Denver, Sapphire Pediatrics was started in 2005 as a solo practice by Dr. Robin Larabee.  

In its infancy, Sapphire shared space with another pediatric practice.  

Sapphire moved to our own, larger space in Suite 740 at the Rose Medical Center Campus on November 7, 2008.  

At that time, we numbered four staff.

Bit by bit, we enlarged within that space, growing with our patients and their families. 

On November 7, 2016, exactly eight years to the day that we opened our own doors in Suite 740, we re-opened in a custom-renovated Suite 300.

Now with four physicians, a nurse practitioner, a lactation consultant, an integrated therapist, and multiple support staff, 

our office practices state-of-the-art pediatrics and is ready to care for your children, down to the finest detail.

We are dedicated to keeping your children healthy, treating them expertly if they become sick, and providing 

unsurpassed complete care to each of our patients.  

Let us show you what spectacular care feels like.